North Coast Greyhound Connection and Adoption of Ohio

is on the look out for new
Foster Families

We are now taking applications for new foster homes here.

What do we look for in foster families?
Time, love, and good "naturedness" are qualities that
are all shared by our foster families.

Time spent each day helping the Greyhound get to know his
new surroundings that are totally unlike what she has lived before.

Love given in the form of attention to her care, petting, and educating.

Good "naturedness" comes in handy when your new foster has trouble
mastering some of his lessons in his new life-- for example, he may
not understand going up the stairs is easy and needs a
little extra help to discover this fact.

Whether this will be your first experience with Greyhounds or Greyhounds
are old hat to you, we would love to have you join us.

It is the policy of NCGC that a fence is required with a minimum height of 42".  Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the NCGC Board of Directors.  Sorry, no electric fences are permitted.