Foster Home Application

We are always in need of loving foster homes. Please fill out the entire application and our Foster Coordinator will contact you soon. Occasionally, we have glitches within the system. If you do not receive a response within 24-48 hours, please email our Foster Coordinator at fstpaws@frontier.com Thank you.





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Do you have a completely fenced in yard? (It is the policy of NCGC that a fence is required with a minimum height of 42". Exceptions must be approved by the NCGC Board. Sorry, no electric fences are permitted.*

If so, please describe (height, type)

Have you owned a dog before?

If yes, what breed and what happened to them?

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Do you have a veterinarian?*

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How did you learn about N.C.G.C.?

What research have you done on Greyhounds?

Why do you want to foster?

Where are your pets during the day?

Where do your pets sleep at night?

How many hours a day will your foster Greyhound be left alone?


All fosters are required to attend meet and greets occasionally. Will you be able to get your foster or see that they get to these events?

List 3 personal references ( not family ) List names, addresses and phone numbers*

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